Teclast K8 Octa Core TV Box

Teclast K8 Octa Core TV Box

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TV Box FAQ (credits to New TV Box Sg Facebook Group)
Some pointers I've consolidate on this most asked question on “What Box to Buy/Get” for 1st timer or newbie. I will just narrow down to discuss mainly on VOD and Live streaming.
Many members asked re
commending them a box to watch this, watch that, especially BPL. Watching of whatever contents has nothing to do with what box to buy and use. Its all the apps/apks we use. Refer to "Pinned Post > What apps to use" for more info.
1. Which is the best box?
There is no best box. I will say choose a better box for your needs and usage according to specs. There are box that are not recommended for newbie as they are not user friendly and difficult to use. This will be cover later.
2. What specs to get?
Most of the Android Boxes are good for VOD and live streaming, actually a single-core box with 1GB RAM will do. Since the boxes are cheap now, any box with at least 1GB RAM, 8GB NAND/EMMC, dual core, 2 USB port, 1 SD card slot and LAN Port. And today, that’s a lot comes with quad core or even octa core at affordable price. For myself I add in with external antenna in my choice. I’m more comfortable with it, is just me… As of NOW, with the above specs, most if not all CPU/GPU will do the job. I will not talk about that. I want to emphasize again that the 8GB memory is very important, it’s a must have for newbie
3. What brand to buy?
There are many brands in the market and too many to name them. As mentioned, with the above specs, most will get the job done. Importantly, get those brands with frequent/strong firmware support. As in, myself I will not buy boxes that update the firmware once only every year.
4. Which OS to get?
As of now, most will be in Android OS if not all, as it dominate the current market especially when comes to TV Box.
5. Do I need internet for TV Box?
Yes of cos… All we need is a stable 10 Mbps for VOD and Live streaming. A stable 20Mbps will be very comfortable. For network, I prefer wired connection than to Wifi if possible. My experience is my Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth this. Bluetooth that, as running near same 2.4ghz, and total 7 phone/tablet have some complication on my Wifi. I might be wrong, but that’s my experience… And at times, Wifi might get good signal but low bandwidth. Home plug does help if Wifi is weak. I will recommend Sineoji Home Plug at the moment.
6. I’ve shortlisted 2 boxes. 1 is with 4k feature and the other without. Dilemma ….
Questions to ask ourselves : Do u have a 4K TV? How much 4K material we can get now?
7. I’ve gotten my box, where do I start from about APKS?
Read the pinned post and you are good to go playing with you box.
8. I’m playing with my box, now thinking of Paid IPTV…
They will be another post to discuss on this topic. Just one point to share, most Paid IPTV has Time-Shift up to 10 min that I know of.
Ok done… Hope this helps 1st timer or newbie getting a TV box n all bros/sis do feel free to chip in with additional pointers. Cheers… Side note for non Chinese friends/users, a good solution will be XBMC/Kodi.

Additional information added :
1. Is TV Box Plug & Play especially those stated by sellers with whatever per-installed apps? No. Never take a TV Box as it will be just Plug & Play, Eventually you will need to handle the box somehow.
2. Most people will get TV Box online instead of from SLS or local shopping mall/shop, etc... Search and find in this group for recommended sellers shared by members. No reason to buy from SLS since you are already in this group. Or maybe only 1 reason to get from SLS/local shops is, money is never a problem(as u might be paying up to 4 times the price of online shop).

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