Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



1. TECLAST Malaysia has designated GDEX, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS as our shipping partners. Express delivery is determined at random by country.

2. TECLAST MALAYSIA provides free shipping to Malaysia, but additional fees are charged on remote areas & overseas. All the fees possibly arising out of customs clearance are not covered under the Free Shipping provision.

3. The estimated delivery time is within 2-3 working days for confirmed order. Orders before 3pm normally delivers the next working day. The accurate date of arrival depends on the time required for customs clearance and the efficiency of shipping companies.

4. After a product has been shipped, we will send the "logistics waybill number" to your email. You may also log in to "My Order" to check the logistics waybill number, and enquire about the distribution progress based on this number.

5. Upon receiving your parcel, please unpack it immediately to check if all the accessories are complete, and if the tablet operates normally. Please contact us immediately in case of any problems.



1. The warranty period starts after the date of shipment and generally is as below:

a. Tablet: 1 year

b. Built-in Battery: 6 months

c. Charger: 6 months

d. USB Cable: 1 month

e. OTG Cable: 1 month

f. Keyboard: 6 months

During the warranty period, TECLAST MALAYSIA will repair its products free of charge in accordance with the terms of repair and maintenance services.

2. Before sending back your tablet for repair, you need to furnish a valid proof of purchase and email a statement to serv@teclast.com.my; otherwise the product is not entitled to free repair within the warranty period, and you may have to pay the full repair fees. The purpose of the statement is to obtain your consent that during the period of sending the product to the service centre and the way it is sent back, TECLAST MALAYSIA shall not bear any liability for any damage done to the product.

3. You need to bear the freight of shipping the product from your place to the service centre of TECLAST MALAYSIA. You shall also bear the mailing cost after the product is properly repaired. After shipping your tablet, please inform TECLAST MALAYSIA of relevant shipping information as soon as possible, such as the name of the shipping company, airway bill number (international shipment only), and estimated date of arrival through our email at serv@teclast.com.my or by phone. Any customs clearance duties possibly arising from the shipping process will be at your expense. Normally it takes around 4 weeks to repair a product and sending it back. The specific time required depends on various shipping conditions.

4. If the product is beyond warranty period or is not covered by warranty, the repair and maintenance fees are required to be paid through bank transfer, details to be provided upon authorized service or warranty request. TECLAST MALAYSIA will only send back the repaired product after receiving the relevant fees.

5. The total expenses incurred due to repair, shipping, and customs duties, among others, may sometimes be even higher than the purchase price of a new tablet. Therefore, please consider carefully whether a repair is needed. If you still agree to send your tablet to TECLAST MALAYSIA for repair, please also indicate your consent in the above statement upon emailing serv@teclast.com.my appropriately, specifying the defects and the shipping address, and send it together with the product and the proof of purchase to the service centre of TECLAST MALAYSIA.

6. TECLAST MALAYSIA will provide a free warranty period of 6 months to the replaced components of repaired products, provided that the relevant defects are of the same nature and not man-made.

7. Replaced components will not be returned. All the information (including the phonebook, SMSs, MMSs, photos, downloaded images, downloaded ringtones, calendar, notebook, etc.) stored in your electronic products (including accessories) may get lost due to repair and maintenance. Therefore, you are recommended to keep a backup before sending for repair. The service centre of TECLAST MALAYSIA is not responsible for keeping clients' batteries (except for embedded ones), SIM cards, SD cards or other accessories.

8. For products with hidden defects, if a client requires the returning of his/her product after inspection and repair price quotation, the service centre cannot guarantee to restore it to the original defective status (in respect of appearance, function, and the initial defective degree).

The Service Centre has the right to refuse the issuance of any repair report or damage information, either in written or verbal form. We have all the final right of arbitration as to the terms and conditions stated herein.


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